Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Changes are a-foot

Over the next two weeks several things are about to happen:

1) I am running a marathon on Sunday.
I honestly have no idea how this is going to pan out as I have never run 26 miles before and I'm pretty knackered after 18, but I am going to attempt it at any rate.

The training has been long and arduous but there have been some big benefits. I have learnt that I need time to think and just be and running is a good way to take this time to think. I have also learnt how psychological running is. My mental state has a massive impact on how I run and if that's the case with running then it must be so with most other things too. This sounds like common sense but I don't think I've seen it so clearly before.

This is also true the other way around running helps me improve my mental state. If I give my brain time to unwind while running I can cope better with stress when it comes.

This is not to say I have been a happy runner throughout my preparation, feeling the limits my body has reached, going out in the cold and the dark to run when all instincts tell you it's bonkers. That's all been hard.

That all being said I have also felt so much support. Mark has worked around my runs which is no small thing if you are out for 3 hours. He's looked after kids organised fundraising events and planned and measured routs. Friends have sponsored me, worked hard at events and backed me even though they think it's nuts. I have learnt that I am not as isolated as I have assumed myself to be.That has been gift.

2) We are getting some chickens
This is very exciting. I have really loved starting to grow stuff in the garden and keeping some chickens seems a really good next step. Gardening seems to give me some sense of rhythm and spirituality in a way that I haven't managed through prayer in the 'regular' way. After looking at a million different chicken houses I have finally found a model that will fit and in two weeks I can go collect our new pets.

3) Foster Children are arriving!!
They will arrive next Monday. This is huge and is after a years journey through the system.Two little people that will become part of our family for a time. It's exciting and also frankly scares the crap out of me. We have a pretty good family, I think. The plan was to share this and give a home and hospitality to other children. Right now though, I'm just scared.

The care of these little people will coincide with my working hours going down, so life patterns will change. The fear of this throws me back onto prayer which is no bad thing. I am excited and scared all in one go. Lets see what these new personalities bring to us.

Lots of new things then. Lets see how it all goes......


  1. Hadn't heard about the chickens. Can you provide a list of things that are staying the same as I can't keep up? (Just kidding - almost!) Don't tell Chris & Harvey about the chickens though or they'll be jealous...

  2. You were always up for a challenge and I am sure you and Mark will be fantastic foster parents. They are lucky children. God Bless. x
    Julie and Gary