Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Christmas reflections

Christmas was hard but good. I cooked (with help) for 50 - hard, I didn't poison anyone - good.

It has been very very cold but strangely the shelter has been fine with people signing up and giving their time sacrificially.

And this weekend we have a wedding. Quite literally a white wedding with lots of celebration and excitement.

I'm not sure I've learnt anything new or had any revelations but I have enjoyed the season a lot. I loved the carol concert and the mulled wine. I stood in awe as I watched people take shifts on Christmas day at church, I smiled as people have looked after each other, I enjoyed giving and receiving gifts a lot.

I know there's supposed to be a lot wrong with Christmas but I think it's brilliant. We might not always keep it well but it seems to me we go quite a long way in our trying.

Top present - buddy Jesus pencil toppers. How cool!! Thanks Lou